Sponsor the MODXpo

Sponsor the MODXpo

Help us pull off an amazing conference with just a few months to prepare, by becoming a sponsor or partner. Sponsorships help us get closer to the break-even point by offsetting the larger costs (room rental, audiovisual tech, speaker compensation, etc), allowing us to keep ticket prices affordable.

Detailed information on sponsor options can be found here, but if you just want to pitch in a little without too much fuss, you can simply add the sponsor options below to your cart and check-out.

Sponsors can also contribute in-kind, by providing free or discounted services that help us provide a better conference.

To discuss a sponsorship or request a call, please email [email protected]

Sponsorships include 21% Dutch VAT, which we're obliged to charge given the in-person nature of the event.


Please email the necessary assets (e.g. your logo in a vector format) to [email protected] at your earliest convenience.